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Today I rode at Fort Ord and managed to drive off with my brand new Nokia 6030 cell phone on the roof. I heard it roll off the roof, bounce off the trunklid, and hit the ground, but it didn't register until an hour later (when I realized my phone was gone) what the noise was. I had a burrito at Maui Taco before turning around to try and see if I could find it at the East Garrison entrance, but it was already either picked up or disintegrated by Reservation Rd. traffic. There were two road bikers who just finished packing up and I think they may have found it. One was in a Nissan SUV or truck and the other in a Chevy truck. So, here's hoping that one of you is on this forum. Anyway, if anyone found or finds my phone at Fort Ord, I would be most appreciative of it's safe return. Even just the SIM card would be nice.

What a crappy way to end a ride on such a beautiful day.


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