Count Louis Garneau among a growing number of bike makers availing customers the chance to create custom paint schemes on new frames. The Canadian company's new Dream Factory program includes three customization options that range in price from $275 to $500. And while it doesn't have the near limitless options of Trek's Project One, the option to add a custom colored Quartz II or Course helmet is unique.

Currently the Dream Factory program, which is based on the 20-color paint palette shown in the gallery below, can be applied to five road frames (Gennix R1, Gennix R2, Gennix E1, Women's Gennix E1, and Gennix T1). Frameset prices range from $2,000 to $3,700. In mid-February, that range will expand to include Louis Garneau's pair of time trial rigs. The customization options outlined in the diagram below range from very basic (choosing a base color, decal color, and gloss or matte finish), to the more involved (base color, accents, logos, technical decals and finish).

Just for kicks, we ran through the process a couple times using Louis Garneau's mid-range-priced $2,700 Gennix R2 frameset and the $500 Option 3 color customization package. In round No. 1 (pictured below), we went with a more traditional look: the base paint is Carbon, accents are Bright Red, logo paint is Charcoal, technical decals are White. You can see our matching Black/Red helmet in the gallery below.

Next round we took things in a more off-the-wall direction: base paint is Neon Green, accents are Neon Yellow, logos are Neon Orange, and the technical decals are Black. The matching White and Neon Orange helmet is in the gallery below.

The process itself is simple and easy to manipulate, taking just a few minutes. Check it out for yourself at