Based on the evidence and further investigations made by the Luxembourg Anti-Doping Agency it was decided not to open a disciplinary case against Fränk Schleck and the agency has decided to close the case.

"First of all, I'm happy that I had to chance to prove that I was innocent. I have a lot of respect for the work the Luxembourg Anti-Doping Agency had to do and I have been totally available for all their inquiries. Throughout the whole process I have been confident that I would come out good because I have a completely clear conscience. Now, I can focus on the new season and I'm looking forward to coming back strong", says Fränk Schleck.

"We are certainly very happy that the explanation that Fränk Schleck has given us, the press and our sponsors was now confirmed by the Luxembourg Anti-Doping Agency as true. It was vital to us that Fränk had not been involved in the wrongdoings concerning the case in Spain and we feel that the confidence that we have in Fränk has been rewarded. I'm sure that this has been quite a stressful time for him, but at the same time it will give him strength and motivation to be even better next season", says Bjarne Riis and states that the team will continue to do its utmost in the fight against doping.

"All of our riders are ambassadors of a clean sport and with our groundbreaking, independent anti-doping program we can rule out any wrongdoing going on unnoticed and we take sincere comfort in that. The team has gone to great lengths in the fight against doping and we will continue to make our mark here along with our efforts on the roads", adds Riis.