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Well after having been a Dura-Ace' user for years, I finally decided on a whim to switch to Record. I had never riden campy stuff, nor performed maintanence or setup so i knew it would be interesting. After selling everything on eBay, and deciding on compact vs standard record cranks etc, I had everything to rebuild my bike.

- The record ultra narrow chain is a work of art. looks really good. am curious about durability. I can easily get about 5000 miles on my dura-ace chain and cassette, but i clean my stuff regularly and lube after every ride.

- the campy chain tool is also a great tool, but to pay retail between $90 - $110! man that is expensive. it will last forever, is machined precisely, but found it hard to swallow that one. i didn't even tell my wife how much that cost.

- set up of the whole groupo was as simple as dura-ace, and the ergo level cable feeding is smart. I actually found that to be even easier and intuitive. For a racing mechanic, replacing cables would be a easy.

- shifting is flawless.

- went with the record ct crankset. i had ridden a compact on my "commuter" bike and liked the setup. with a 11x23 and 50x34, i am set up very well for the flats and the hills of northern va. plus its nice on my 38 year old knees.

- weight: bike now weighs 15.4 lbs ready to ride (cages, computer, pedals). lost two tenths of a pound, maybe a bit less, but i didn't really switch for weight saving.

- replacable parts vs replacable components is a great concept. i never had to replace any dura-ace stuff, but i knew if i crashed, i would be replacing the whole componenet vs a part of the componenet. i'm sure the campy parts are pricey, but thats ok.

- i also read that when campy introduces new parts, they won't introduce a new tool for it, all tools are compatible i heard. another plus.

What kind of miles are you guys/gals getting on a record ultra narrow chain and st/ti cassette?
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