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Hi guys !
I'm riding an aluminium Orbea Asphalt at the moment and after 10 000 k I decided it's time to change. I looked around and I fell in love with Treks. I've only got around 2000 euro budget so the Madone 4.5 seems cool BUT my club mates told me it's more of a Sunday rider's bike than a racing bike. They advised me a Scott Addict R3 but that's too fragile for me. (1m92, 75kg, Junior) Therefore I'd like to get your opinion on a few things:
Is it the Trek Madone 4.5 a racing bike or not ?
Good experiences with Treks or too avoid ?(fragile etc..)

If you can think of any other brands with model names the same $$ value and better please post. (My LBS sells Spe, Focus, Trek and Orbea, but I don't like Orbea any more and don't want a Spe, so that makes it Focus and Trek basically.. but if you think I can get a better bike for the same price don't hesitate :thumbsup: )
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