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I'm looking to get a cross bike for commute, and maybe some trails and roads. Basically for everything. Anyway, it looks like I might be able to grab a Kona Major Jake 2001 for $550-600. It looks like the main thing they changed is going to the better Shimano 105 hubs from Teagre/Deore of the 2k1 Major Jake and adding a carbon fork (2K7+) to the more recent jake the snakes. Also changed from 30C to 35C tires. Easton Ultralite to Easton Ultralite Race?

Kona Major Jake (2001) Specifications:

Kona Jake the Snake (2006 for example): the Snake&Type=bike

My questions are:

Is $600 a decent deal for the major jake or could I pick up a comparable Jake the Snake for less than $600?

Will I see advantages in a newer jake the snake while still keeping it $600 or bellow?

Does anyone else feel silly about talking about bycles named Jake?


P.S. The Major Jake may have Tiagra F/D and shifters, getting conflicting info, is that a dealbreaker?

You call that running?
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$600 is pretty fair price for the 01 Jake if it's in good condition. What kind of shape are the drivetrain and the bottom bracket in? Tiagra shifters work fine, but are certainly nothing special. Do they still shift OK? I can tell you it will probably be hard to find an 06 or newer bike of comparable quality for that price in decent shape.
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