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As some of you may recall, my Schwinn Traveler fixie has a .833 stem size; which Im having some issues with (see: ).
The only way to really make this work at this point would be to make my own threadless adaptor, and use a nice lugged threadless stem (perhaps the one from Ceeway). It isn't the best from an asthetics stand point; but I have yet to find a .833 stem in 110-120mm lengths.
I found some cromo tubing online, which has an OD of 7/8th (.875), and a wall thickness of .156. Turning this down to .833 would yield me a wall thickness of about .12, or roughly 1/8th of an inch. I honestly believe that this should be more than sufficient in strength (it is 4130). Thoughts ?
From there, I would just sleve the top portion out to get to the proper OD I need for the stem clamp.
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