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Does anyone know of anywhere I could find cycling demographics, especially those of racers? Im really curious about average age, income, etc. I really cant even begin to guess. Im just looking ballpark.

Thanks in advance,

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can't vouch for accuracy, but... says:

Racing Demographics

Cycling demographics cover three areas of interest. Racing, Recreation and Spectator Events. Like most professional sports, the race participation is male dominated. Unlike most sports, cycling has a very large female recreational and spectator base

Licensed Racers

Number of licensed racers 72,000
Median Age 34
Median Household Income $115,000+
College Graduates 81%
Post Graduate 27%
Male/Female 89%/11%
Professional/Managerial 57%
Married 35%

Recreational Riders

Total U.S. Cyclists 64.3-million
Adults (16 and over) 48-million
Children 14.3-million
Avid cyclists (Fitness/health) 31-million
Male/Female Ratio (Adults) 45%/55%
Median Age 32
Median Household Income $95,000+
College Graduates 70%
Ratio to Golf 2.5/1
Ratio to Tennis 6/1


Total U.S. spectator base (est) 11-million
Adults (16 and over) 9-million
Children 2-million
Male/Female Ratio (Adults) 50%/50%
Median Age 37
Median Household Income $110,000+
College Graduates 60%

Cycling is the #1 fitness and health activity among doctors and lawyers over the age of 40.

Cycling is the second most popular recreational activity behind sport walking. It is the only one of these two that lends itself to commercial sponsorship.

17-million bicycles are sold in the United States each year.

The mean price for a professional racing bike is $3,500.

Household income for 45-49 year old licensed racers. ($95,940)

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All the really good racers

I know have found "fat" sugar mamas to pay the bills.

The serious training required for high end Cat 1 or Pro is a full time job. It's hard for them to squeeze in a real jobs. They "play" on the bikes all day while mamas out working and paying the bills. Unfortunately, there are only a few paying slots is the cycling world and there is a long line to fill them. The rest do what they must do to give the sport it's all.
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