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My favorite:
Mavic Marketing/Cyclingnews said:
New spined ISM rims shave weight from the Deemax but also help provide a more compliant ride for fewer pinch flats.
Marketing genius! Who cares how little tire pressure you want to run - if you have a more compliant wheel, you'll get less pinch flats!

(The rim-to-rim spokes seem interesting - better than the r-sys wagon wheels, at least...)

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Black R-Sys.

Article said:
The rest of the Mavic road lineup carries over into the new model year although the R-SYS gains a new R-SYS Premium variant with titanium axle ends and skewers, carbon fiber dust caps and a stealthy new black finish. Retail costs climb US$100 on this model to US$1,499.
Only a $100 upcharge for several Ti and CF upgrades? How can they afford this? :rolleyes:

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bwhite_4 said:
I hate their marketing schemes.

And I hate seeing only fat guys on Carbone(rs).

<~~~~~ pay no attention to the Ksyriums in my avatar ... they are being replaced in two more weeks.


AND yes im tired of their marketing schemes.. their last decent wheel was the ksryium es...
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