This new aluminum rim has an internal width of 22mm. The revamped Allroad wheels use Zicral aluminum spokes that thread directly into the rim, eliminating the need for rim strips.​

What is it

A strong, relatively light wheelset that brings UST road tubeless to the gravel set. With legendarily smooth hubs, great engagement and 22mm internal UST rims, the Allroad Pro are a pleasure to ride. Included are Mavic's puncture-resistant, fast-rolling Yksion Allroad UST tires in either 30mm or 40mm widths.


  • Great alternative to carbon rims for gravel riders
  • UST road tubeless seals easily and securely
  • Mavic's hubs are wonderfully smooth.
  • 22mm internal width helps support the wider tires


  • Not aero
  • $1100 is a lot to spend

RoadBikeReview's Take

Mavic has always made a high-quality wheel. But in recent years the fast-paced development of new rims, tubeless profiles, and wider internal dimensions has put the French on the back foot. Or so it would seem. Instead of worrying themselves, Mavic has stood fast with its conservative approach to rim width. But with the most recent refresh on its Allroad lineup, Mavic did two important things: They went wider, and more significantly, they introduced UST road tubeless.


Mavic's new Allroad Pro UST Disc wheelset bring wider rims and easier, more secure, tubeless setup to road and gravel riders. Photo courtesy Mavic​

While I'm certainly on a tangent here, UST brings an internationally recognized set of dimensions for tubeless tires on narrower rims. It's not actually a new standard, but its recognition by the ETRTO (European Tire and Rim Technical Organization) means that both rim and tire makers have a legal means of defending against liability suits. While not sexy, it is very important for the future of tubeless road and gravel tires.

For the average cyclist what UST road means is that setup is easier, often possible even with a hand pump, and the rim/tire combo is secure. In the event of a tire puncture, the UST road rim profile and strictly controlled tire bead will keep the tire seated. For UST road, Mavic has tightened its internal quality control to +/- 0.35mm of the 621.95mm rim diameter (it was previously +/-0.5mm). Mavic's UST road tires, manufactured by Hutchinson, must be +/- 0.2mm of the 619.6mm diameter. On top of those tolerances, Mavic worked with Hutchinson to develop tire bead stiffness that retains its place on the rim while remaining easy to remove by hand when needed.


Included with the Allroad Pro UST Disc wheels are Mavic's Hutchinson-made Yksion Allroad UST tires. Offered in 30mm and 40mm widths, they offer surprising stability in loose conditions, while rolling quickly on hardpack.​

On the road

Beyond installing and removing tires, riding the Allroad Pros is treat. They are lively yet stable. The Allroad Pros are stiff when accelerating or stomping out of the saddle, but never seemed harsh, perhaps due to the Yksion Allroad UST 30mm tires. I ran them in the 40-psi range and they rolled quickly on hard surfaces and provided a surprising amount of grip in looser conditions.

Weighing in at 1610 grams for the pair (without tires), Mavic's Allroad wheels sit right in the middle of the aluminum, disc brake, gravel wheel category. HED's similarly priced, $1200 Ardennes Plus SL are 1535 grams. Stan's $1125 Grail Pro wheelset are a touch heavier at 1639 grams. But I would argue that neither company provides the bearing longevity that Mavic does.


The new rear hub used on the Allroad Pro wheels features Mavic's Instant Drive 360 freehub. It engages nicely and buzzes pleasantly while coasting.​

The all-new rear hub has a nice engagement and buzzes while coasting without being annoying. The 142x12mm hub can be converted to quick release and is offered with a SRAM XD freehub for 1x fans. The front Allroad hub can be converted from 12mm to 15mm or quick release. The Allroad Pros are sold in both 6-bolt and Centerlock rotor mounting configurations.

Like many of Mavic's more premium wheels, the Allroad Pros use aluminum Zicral spokes and nipples that thread directly into the rim. This eliminates the need for a rim strip as the tire bed is solid.

Should you buy them?

For mixed surface riders who want a premium wheel that will last for years to come, Mavic's Allroad Pro UST Disc should be a top choice. While $1100 isn't cheap, it is far less than carbon options and with Mavic's reputation for long-term reliability, the Allroads deliver a lot for the money.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5
4 stars

Price: $1100
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