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'brifter' is f'ing stupid
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In the past I have had 2 diferent sets of Mavic wheels, Ksyrium Sl's and R-Sys. Both had a hub that had an outboard sealed bearing in the cassette body but on the inboard side....a lage plastic? bushing that rode right on the aluminum of the hub. Mavic reccommended cleaning and re-lubeing of that bushing every 1000 km with mineral oil. I got pretty tired of that.

Is that still the way they are made or do they have a sealed inboard bearing set now?

yep...Mavic is still in the stone age with freehub engineering. the freehub on the Helium wheels used 2 bearings, but for some reason they decided to get rid of one. just one in a string of brilliant engineering decisions from Mavic.
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