Mavic announced months ago their 2011 lineup of wheels, at the top end are it's flagship Special Service Course wheel line. "These are wheels developed in collaboration with their professional racing teams and built to meet the standards to what they require - Strength, stiffness, and durability." says Zack Vestal of Mavic. This year, the wheels will be sold and packaged as a complete wheel system, meaning the wheels will come complete with matching high performance rubber. Mavic has developed specific rear and front tires to match the performance that their SSC wheels will face and riders will demand. The rear tire called PowerLink, has a harder and more durable compound, optimized for maximum power transfer. On the front tire, grip is key, so the tire is softer over the entire tread and is called GripLink. Also on the clincher versions at the SSC level is a new treatment called Exalith. It's a very hard treatment done to the brake track of the aluminum material. It adds a texture that helps with brake bite, but also longevity to the brake track and spoke insertment area. Zack tells us more about it in the video below.