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A friend loves his

paa said:
Any of you gizmo freaks out there use this revolutionary new trick high tech gadget? My friend at the LBS is offering me a deal I can't (and I won't) refuse on another of Mavic's ahead of it's time technological marvels. (how's that for superlatives) Basically want to know what some users think of the skewer/sensor concept. Flawless? Is it worth the price of admission?? Junk??? Can't miss prospect???? Don't forget I'm getting an unbelievable deal (practically free). So feel free to bash or rave about this futuristic computerized wizardry.
I rode a century today with a guy who's had one for a little while now. He was raving about how great it is. It sure looks like a good idea. My only criticism, and a very minor one at that, is that the head unit does look kind of bulky. I ride with an Avocet 45, and it looked like it's 4 times bigger than mine.
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