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The wheels come complete with yellow Swissstop pads. Using different pads isn’t recommended by Mavic, though they admit they have found through extensive testing other pads that work better in multiple conditions, though they also found that they were too aggressive reducing the life of the laser etched braking surface.
Yellow huh? They know that yellow suck, they proved so in their own testing, but better pads like Black Prince will wear the brake track too soon? Seriously not impressed with this decision. And let me get this straight... The brake track is simply a continuous piece of CF that's had it's resin laser etched off of the surface exposing the raw carbon to the brake pads? So... Well it's no wonder that any good pad would wear the rim too fast, there's nothing to wear except for structural carbon. This, to me, is a deal breaker... um braker.

Their claim is that their brake track won't overheat and delaminate like most will. They did scientific testing like riding down a mountain with a backpack on. Whatever Mavic.

Especially on the first ride, a fine yellow dust from the Mavic/SwissStop Flash Pro pads was kicked up onto the brake calipers and frame. While not tidy, I welcomed the grit as proof of positive braking. (Mavic prefers the relatively softer Flash Pro pads to the newer but harder Black Prince pads.)
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