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Max number of spacers on Easton EA90 SLX?

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Does anyone know the max number of spacers I can use with the Easton carbon steerer SLX road fork? I know that you cannot use too many since the steerer is carbon. Thanks! :)
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from the easton technical section on forks

"The spacer stack below the stem must not exceed 50 mm
(Figure 4).
• A carbon steerer tube must extend 7-8 mm above the top of the stem clamp and have a 10 mm spacer installed between the stem and the top cap (Figure 5)."
"Not in any manuals or anything... "

yep, it isn't mention in the installation literature that comes with the fork, only on the web site. The real drag is finding out that placing the stem against the upper bearing cap of the steerer like the pros do isn't recommended. kind of dangererous.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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