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I thought this was or was going to be something that it's not.

I was under the impression that they were forming a new continental team with a new focus on rider's lives after riding.

Well... they're not forming anything new. The existing team, Drapac, is just going to become the feeder team for Cannondale. That's all that's going on here.

So there is no new team, the team already exists, it's Drapac. What's new is that they'l force the riders to take university classes in the off season. That's it.

So they're going to force professional athletes to go to school and compete at the same time. Competing on break or whatever... The idea being that this forced class time will eventually lead to a degree which will eventually lead to a job after cycling.

So taking classes gets you a job now? Is this 1980? Being forced to attend college while a professional cyclist? I'm not on board, sorry.
Kinda like earning a degree while getting a football scholarship.
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