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'brifter' is f'ing stupid
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I'm converting my cyclocross bike into a disc setup. I have sram force levers and components. My buddy gave me his disc wheels and a set of shimano road disc brakes off of his specialized rouibaix that was running an ultegra 6700 groupset.

After I did the installation. I was finally able to get the brakes to work, but the amount of pull on the lever I needed to get it to fully engage is such that the brake lever is touching on my handlebar. I've adjusted the pads perfectly in line with a hairs width clearance on both side of the pad. Any more adjustment and i'll hear the rotor scraping.

I'm wondering if the shimano mech disc calipers are not compatible with my sram forceshifters.

Any help would be appreciated.

They are indeed a somewhat different cable pull/leverage ratio but should work. Sounds like you have some cable slack but it's impossible to tell over the internets. Make sure you pull the cable snug BUT do not move the brake actuation arm forward at all. If you do that the brake will have reduced power because you have reduced the leverage ratio. If the pads are indeed properly adjusted you shouldn't be having any problems at all.
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