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Yesterday we had a nice pleasant ride up to Gettysburg. Nothing special really, we just cruised on up. I suppose I should mention that the area finally had a dry, calm weekend-we enjoyed that.

This morning we got up early (I wanted to get some very early morning pix of the Battlefield) and raced home (Miss M wanted to see the DC Memorial Day parade).

She didn't really have any special reason for wanting to see the parade, it is just something we have done and enjoyed the last few years. We didn't want to break our string.

So we got home in plenty of time, loaded up the BOB and headed down to the White House to check things out. Much to our complete amazement our nephew (a really nice kid) who lost an arm and leg in Iraq was riding in the first float with his wife and baby daughter. They were leading the parade!

I've never seen Miss M so excited.

We were quite glad we rushed home.

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Crazy to see Miss M not riding the fixed gear.
Good to see the other sweet bikes getting some time out on the road (or perhaps more accurately, some time in this forum).

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Great photos, as usual...

My town holds a Memorial Day Commoration annually and, holding a local elected office, my attendance is essentially mandatory. It's held at our Memorial Park which has a statue of a local Vietnam era casualty mentioned in a ride report of about 2 years ago:

It is always moving to reflect on the sacrifices that the men and women of our armed forces have made for our country and the ceremony is always a moving experience. One of our ceremony's speakers said over 800,000 men were killed in the civil war (and we all know Gettysburg was a serious contributor to that toll.) It's poignant and sobering to have Gettysburg monuments juxtaposed with Iraq war veterans on this post.

Thanks for the post; I'm sure you were glad you made it back.

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Patriotic Kermit Frog. Cool beans.
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