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tnsdoc said:
Aside from the manufacturer's blurb on the Merckx 1XM, does anyone actually ride this frame to make any comments? The more relaxed geometry & taller head tube would seem to put this in the same category as Cannondale Synapse, Specialized Roubaix, etc. and I've eliminated the Trek Madone & Felt F4C because I couldn't get a good fit with their longish top tubes & short head tubes. I don't race, so any advice is appreciated.

BTW, is the Look 555 something to consider in the above group? Thanks...
The Gita inside rep told me they cut some corners on this frame stiffness-wise. He said it was a pretty flexy frame, and would be like a noodle under a bigger rider. I would look elsewhere at that price. The Synapse is very good, IMO. I have ridden it and it is quite compliant in the vertical direction yet stiff at the BB. A friend (Cat 2, rides about 20 hours/week) loves it as a race bike. I own the 585, and it is a superb bike. The 555 is the same performance as the 585, a tad stiffer at the BB, and a bit heavier. It is probably the best bike mentioned, although I don't have that much time on a Roubaix.
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