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All of those show up on eBay quite often, the 7-11 probably the least, closely followed by the Feama, with lots of Molteni Orange models in different flavors. I have seen quite a few advertised repo's of the 7-11 scheme, That's the one I would like to have, original or repo. The only solid color I like is the Molteni color of which my 753 is, but then again, I had it painted that way....
JetSpeed said:
A few simple questions:

1. Which is more rare? 7-Eleven Team, Molteni, Faema paint schemes?
2. Which is more rare? More sought after?
3. Where these schemes ever later reproduced by Eddy Merckx?
4. Where these schemes ever reproduced by someone other than EM?

I assume Faema is the real jewel of the two here. I've been looking for a nice and clean period correct
example of a Campy Molteni, 7-Eleven, or Faema on" the bay" but, I'm in no hurry.

EDIT: there's a Strada 7-11 painted Merckx up on ebay right now....

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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