ORICA-GreenEDGE is pleased to announce Michael Matthews will join the team in 2013 on a two year contract. The young Australian won the U-23 World Championships in Melbourne in 2010, the first stage of the Tour Down Under when he made his WorldTour debut in 2011 and most recently, stage three of Tour of Utah.

"I chose ORICA-GreenEDGE for several reasons," said Matthews. "Most importantly, it will be an amazing experience to be a part of an Australian team. I really look forward to racing with and learning from some of the best Australian riders in the world."

Sports Director Matt White believes the signing underscores the team's commitment to development.

"Michael in an exciting young Australian with a big future ahead of him," White said. "He's already shown great results, but he is still developing as an athlete and I'm very pleased he will be able to do that with us."

White expects Matthews to add to the team's competitiveness in a variety of races as his career progresses.

"He's a very powerful rider and his skills give him the ability to win in quite varied terrain, as he has shown already," said White. "I think that he will benefit from the experienced riders we have to help him make the next steps in his career."

Joining the team in its sophomore season, Matthews is confident that he will integrate easily.

"I have a long history with a lot of the staff," he explained. "I also rode with a lot of my future teammates on the U-23 Jayco Skins team, so it will be great to work with them again. I'm here to learn from my teammates, and hopefully I'll get some opportunities of my own when I'm ready."