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Anyone know much about these wheels? I'm been researching what to get for new wheels and found these be accident while looking for some reviews for some other wheels. I honestly don't know all that much about road wheels. I'm 6'2", 205 lbs and from what I've found so far, Mavic Carbone SL's may be the best option in my price range (hoping to snag some off ebay in the $600-$800 range), but these may be comparable. From what I've found looking at the very few reviews on Miche's, the rims may actually be non-dimpled Zipp's and I'm not sure about much else.

I live in central IL and the roads are mostly flat with some rolling hills (and I'm guessing anyone in actual hilly/mountainous areas would say our hills are flats to them) so from what I understand aero is more important than light weight for climbing since the climbs I have are rather short.

Zipps are out of my price range as are HED's I think. My brother mentioned Nimble's but it looks like they're still recovering fom a fire in 2008 and only have the Spider's available which aren't rated for my weight.

Any help would be appreciated, so far everything keeps taking me back to Mavic's but this wheel intrigued me and it's frustrating I can find almost nothing about it.
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