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I see Performance has a closeout deal on Michelin Carbons. I was thinking of a more performance oriented tire than the stock Kendas on my Giant OCR-3. Anyone have an opinion on this tire?

Also, I see they're 23s. My bike currently has 25s. Any issue there?

Any help most appreciated!

I just put a pair of 25mm Michelin Krylions on my OCR-1, I can't see how there would be much difference dropping down to 23s. I have Xero rims and needed to used tire irons (well, Park's plastic ones) to get them on, was a bit of a PITA. The 25s are good for 5-7 bar. I thought that they were supposed to support 5-8 bar, but perhaps that's the 23s.

They are nice tires, the feel a little bit 'squirrely' at times, but so far they glide real nice, track straight in a no hands test and corner well, so I'm happy. I'll probably wait a couple of months an then post a review.

Oh, to get them on a bit more easily, I inflated an old tube in each tire overnight so that they'd stop trying to flip into figure eights (from being folded in the packaging).

Good luck!
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