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I have a bike with an 8 speed (triple!) sora groupset on it, the shifters aren't sora but are shimano (it was a specialized sirrus flatbar hyprid, I changed the flats for drops).

I just scored a pair of ultegra 6700 shifters (I have this groupset on my 'nice' bike). What's the minimum I need to change to use these shifters?

I'm thinking I'll probably need a new rear cassette (different indexing), probably not a new RD though. Will I need to change the front triple to a double (I don't mind only being able to use two chainrings)?
If I change the rear cassette, I need a new 10 speed chain, will this have issues with the FD?

Pretty sure brakes will be ok, I changd from v-brakes to shimano long drop calipers and from memory they were compatible with most shimano groups.


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No "probably" about WILL need a new cassette, and probably a 10s chain. That chain will play nice with the existing front and rear derailleurs. Also, the existing RD should get along just fine with the new shifters -- all the "brain" is in the shifters and there are no real changes between your 8s RD and a new one.
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