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JCavilia said:
Thanks for that tip, Truman. I've never managed to bring a bike when I've visited, but maybe I'll try to rent one next time I'm out there for a few days. There's a pretty good bike shop in Northfield, and there seem to be a lot of folks using bikes for transportation. I guess that's not too surprising for a college town, but it's good to see in any event.

I've never been there for the "Defeat of Jesse James" celebration. It looks like good fun, in a corny midwestern way - NTTAWWT.
I've ridden through Northfield a couple times on my way up to the twin cities. Nice place. There's a good hole in the wall Mexican restaurant on highway 3 somewhere I stopped at to get out of a thunderstorm last summer. If you get the opportunity to ride that area, highway 3 between Northfield and the south suburbs of st paul is a nice ride. Wide, paved, smooth shoulders with some nice rolling hills.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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