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I grew up in Minnesota... Rochester, to be exact. I think it's pretty much the consensus of most Minnesotans that the Twin Cities don't really count as part of Minnesota, except geographically. Culturally, that area just doesn't fit in with the rest of the state.
I really miss Minnesota and I'm looking forward to going back for a visit this summer and taking my bike along, maybe riding through the bluffs down in the southeastern part of the state. I also miss being able to say things like "uff-da!" without getting weird looks.

About the driving... I have never had a problem with Minnesota drivers, but my boyfriend has lived in Indiana all his life and when he first came to visit me, he hated the way Minnesotans drove when it came to interstates and highways. I tried to explain to him that in Minnesota, we are sooooo nice that when we see someone merging onto the highway, we all just move over and give them plenty of room so that they can't easily get in. But he said that, no, the right way to merge is for the merger to adjust his or her speed and pay attention to the traffic on the road and not expect everyone else to make room. Well, that is technically correct, I said, but only for mean people. Personally, I am way too scared to drive on the interstates here in Indiana because no one will move over for you to let you merge on. Drivers here are also very rude. I have heard some Hoosiers talk about this thing called "Hoosier Hospitality", but I am convinced that this is something that only exists in the minds of lifelong Hoosiers, because no non-Hoosier I've ever met believes in that nonsense. I think maybe they are just confused and what they really mean is "Hoosier Hostility".
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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