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Today I was riding to class on my fixed gear, which is geared high (52x14). I was starting at an uphill stoplight and tromped on the pedals pretty hard to get moving. When I did this, I felt something shift in my left knee. There was no immediate pain, but I knew I had over-stressed something.

Fast forward a couple hours, after having been seated in essentially the same position for an hour or so. I get up and go, "oh sh*t, my knee's f*cked up". Now there is pain on the inside of the knee, right next to and almost behind the kneecap just above the centerline. This is kind of where that large inner thigh muscle attaches/terminates (I don't know the technical name for that muscle group). The pain is when the leg is extended with load on it, i.e. coming up from a crouch or pedaling a bike.

Tonight I had a meeting on campus and rode there on the fixed gear. The pain is mild - there's no problem turning the pedals over, but it's strong enough that I think twice about pushing hard or sprinting for a light. Towards the end of my 7 minute ride it seems to get a little less painful, as if it's loosened up a bit.

It does NOT feel like anything is torn in my knee. I did this a month or so ago (same knee, same stoplight) and it was better within a week or so, but I wasn't racing then and I don't remember the specifics.

This weekend I have 3 races up and down mountains (RR, TT, crit). I would really like for my knee to be 100% again by then.


1) What should I do to speed recovery? Ice? Any stretches/exercises I can do? Should I stay off the bike or go for an easy ride?

2) Is there a good chance I will make things worse by riding up and down mountains for 2 days 3 days from now?

Thanks guys
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