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20k time trial out and back this Sunday with 2 min starts. 58 degrees F out and raining. 15-25 mph gusting headwind in your face on the way out.

I got to the race and realized that I forgot my leg warmers. I was the only dummy on the course with shorts. I've rode this course with an average of 24mph in the calm summer wind. What a difference a big headwind makes! I was waiting at the start and freezing in the rain. Everyone was soaking wet. I maxed out my HR in the first mile. I blew up near the turn around point. My only motivation was that I could see that I was gaining on the rider in front of me. My HR at the turn around was 98% of my max. I got up to speed after the turn around and eased off to let my HR settle to 90% of max. The way back didn't take long. I passed 2 riders. Max speed hit was 33mph (with 20 mph tailwind of course).

I finished 6th place out of 17 and my time was 35.35. The pro's took 1-2-3 and the winner was around 30 min. Top 5 finishers had TT bikes with disc wheels in back (need to get me one of those!). I was pleased with my finish place, but my time was poor. I guess I can attribute that to the headwind and lack of experience. I had trouble with the gusting wind on the way out. I'd get slowed by a gust, then max out my HR trying to get back to speed. I need to learn to relax, if thats even possible.
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