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On my commute in yesterday I passed a stolen bike that had been dumped in a ditch by the side of the road. It was a 56cm (or darn close as my "measurements" come from holding it close to my present 58 frame) Diamondback from the early or mid 90's with Shimano 500. All the parts were on it but the wheels and one pedal. All in all in good shape but laying in the mud near a wetlands project outside of the barrio. I tried throwing it over my shoulder to carry to the office but couldn't figure out how. So, thought I'd go back in a couple of hours to grab it. Figured I'd put a craigslist and LBS post that I had it and if no one called I keep it. Went back (only a couple minutes walk from my office) and it's gone! Darn. Hopefully the original owner found it but more than likely I'll see it being rode around during Monday's boycott. :(
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