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Back in '97 my wife and I, as we cycled China into Pakistan, met up with two Mexican cycle tourists who were biking around the world (as you do; for charity???) We met them in either Kashgar or Urumqi (out Western China)

Anyway these two (one was riding a fully loaded, black Kestrel - Carbon fibre - STI'ed road bike with racks!) and us quickly swapped emails and addresses etc and horror stories advice, etc.

Following a burglary a year later all of our personal effects from that trip were lost including their details. I can remember them saying they were journalists. They also had photos of celebs they had met on their travels. The New York Basketball team were there and Clinton comes to mind but I doubt it somehow. At the very least it was some famous US politician that had befriended them while they biked the US.

Anyone in here know who I'm talking about? We never heard about where they ended up and how far they got. Someone out there must've heard about their trip.
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