SpiderTech to sponsor the Tour of Missouri pro cycling race

Missouri is about to spin a web of Spiders from one end of the state to the other. NUCAP MEDICAL's SpiderTech, the sixteen ready-to-apply taping applications known as Spiders designed to improve performance by supporting muscles, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, alleviate pain and correct joint problems, will sponsor the third running of the Tour of Missouri bicycle race scheduled to take place September 7-13, 2009 featuring some of cycling's marquee stars from fifteen of the best professional teams from around the globe. Specifically, the sponsorship will directly support the medical team that provides health care for the entire race caravan, including the riders, directors, officials, and team and race staff.

"In terms of the demands placed on a professional athlete's body, a pro cycling stage race ranks amongst the toughest," said SpiderTech creator Dr. Kevin Jardine. "We are thrilled to be involved with the Tour of Missouri, one of the biggest bike races in the U.S, as it shall provide a demanding environment - a mobile laboratory if you will - to further demonstrate SpiderTech's ability to successfully improve performance, reduce pain and accelerate recovery. SpiderTech excels in this type of event because of the various ways it can contribute to an athlete's and a team's successes. In fact, we've tagged SpiderTech as 'the legal advantage' because of the numerous benefits use of the product can provide."

SpiderTech is also a sponsor of Team Planet Energy, a Canadian pro cycling team that will make its debut in the 600-plus-mile Tour of Missouri, which will start in St. Louis and finish in Kansas City. Dr. Jardine, who was in Monaco last month for the start of the Tour de France to work on the Cervelo TestTeam - another international squad that will compete in Missouri - will be available throughout the seven-day, seven-stage tour to meet with team support staff to introduce them to SpiderTech and provide training in the application of the Spiders.

Developed and distributed by the new Toronto, Ontario-based NUCAP MEDICAL,
SpiderTech has reinvented kinesiology tape methodologies through pre-cut applications designed to provide a standardization of tape treatment in clinical use. The ready-to-apply Spider applications meet the needs of rehabilitative and performance enhancing professionals by providing a synergistic influence on performance enhancement, pain reduction, and prevention of injury, the triad of which is referred to as "3P" - Performance, Pain & Prevention.

Additional information about the Tour of Missouri, one of America's "Grand Tours," is available at www.tourofmissouri.com.