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Just built this up for the Wife !!

The story,
I've Always wanted her to have a Masterlight unfortunately for us, Colnago distribution was difficult.So I got her an Orbea Diva sweet ride with the shape of the carbon

The Rocky mount roof rack however couldn't contain the Diva (I didn't latch the back wheel)
so the Diva was no more wah!!

Lo and behold a great friend of mine (who babied this thing like no other) chose to get a Colnago C40

It is built up with the previous parts, short reach levers, compact crank ultegra level stuff,
so we'll leave it like this for while.

Then treat to the fine Italian bits she deserves

Please Enjoy!!
The Family
Colnago C50
Colnago Masterlight
Colnago Master Piu'

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49cm and thanks!!

Giepimme headset
8 speed Record silver I wonder how hard that's going to be to find?
Any ideas on classic wheel build?
8 speed for Piu and 9 speed for Masterlight

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Wow Thanks guy's!!!!

Iyeoh your is still one of my favorite rides!! might need a new new pic of it

first pic
Viento Mas took unbelievable care of this
Get ready for his C40 to make it's debut
second pic
very familiar with those Shamals excellent wheels
third pic
Masterlight after I'm done pulling the kids
I'd like to put 9 speed Shamals on it, rear der,record ti post

Thanks for the suggestions on other wheels open pros sound good maybe even some Ambrosio'
I wondered if there where any saddles in gold for women thanks.
Nice to see newer Campy in all silver to go with older rides
love the ti stem

There are still thoughts of getting the Diva fixed through calfee someday(little crack in the top tube)
I told her though you can never get rid of a Colnago!!! just paving the way ha ha.
I was glad all the Ultegra stuff was silver and the Dura ace wheels have nice silver hubs so it works.
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