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Probably making a bad decision here, but I am listing my 2015 Moots Psychlo X RSL sz 58.

Looking to sell the following:

Frame/Fork - Moots Psychlo X RSL, Moots CX carbon fork
Chris King Inset 7 headset - black
Moots RSL stem 110 mm
Moots Cinch 30.9 post
Everything listed above for $2,500

I am probably not telling anyone anything that they don't know, but the MSRP frame is almost $5k, fork?, RSL stem is $600, post is $350.
I would love to sell everything above together, but I will part the listed gear out as long as the frame/fork sell first. Kind of a shame to split any of it up, though.

A little info:
ETT - 58.5 cm
ST - 58 cm
HT - 16 cm
HA/SA - 73
BB Drop 6.1 cm
Head tube 44 mm, BB PF30, Post 30.9, FD 34.9

Everything is in excellent, super low-mileage condition. No issues apart from some very slight cable rub. No chain suck scars, no decal problems - it looks fantastic and rides even better.
This bike is way too nice for me, so I almost never rode it. I would be surprised if it had 400 miles on it. Probably more like 300 and most of those were on the road (which it also is great for).

Of course, it rides like a dream, and the welds...well they are Moots.

I will be hanging onto the pictured group and wheels to put on a lesser frame.
Let me know if you have questions.


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