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Not here in the Bay Area™, but for sure I’ve noticed that, in the past two months, there seems to be a roughly 60% increase in the number of cyclists in the “heart” of Sillycone Valley (Intel/National Semi/Nvidia/etc. areas of Santa Clara and Sunnyvale). The problem is that the main road involved (I’m sure it’s Kifer Road) has NO BIKE LANES, but has two lanes in either direction, and has a big-ass center turning lane for most of the length. It is a commercial zone, with a 40MPH speed limit, so getting these cornhole lickers to actually repave the road so as to get rid of the 4" deep potholes and undulations, and actually put bike lanes in would be like asking the president when the last time he read a book was… or something.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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