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They are going to finally resurface Sumit Road....... From MDIA's Website..

Mount Diablo State Park will begin major road repairs beginning June 19, 2006. Work is expected to take place over the next six months. This $2.4 million project will take place along the 4.5 mile-long Summit Road. Crews also will do some repairs on North Gate Road the park’s entrance from Walnut Creek.

Mt. Diablo State Park will stay open during the work. However, large sections of the park and its 3,849-foot summit will be inaccessible via car or bicycle on many weekdays during the repair and paving project. Work could spill over into weekends if the road beds need a lot of repairs resulting in selectively closing roads during some weekends as well.

The South Gate Road entrance from Danville will stay open during construction. Dirt hiking trails in the park will not be affected by the work.

This website will be updated on a regular basis as road conditions change. You may also call Mout Diablo State Park at (925) 837-2525.
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