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Thanks to everyone for your advice on MoM. I've never ridden hills like that! They just kept getting steeper and steeper. Anyway, my total ride time was 8:27, so I beat my goal of under 9 hours.

I had to walk the last stretch from the final rest stop to the finish. My legs just wouldn't pedal any more. It was good to meet BAS and Redsox at the finish before my wife and son pulled me into the shuttle down the mountain. Some impressions from my first year:

1. The second half is a hell of a lot harder than the first half, with both steeper climbs and fatigue setting in.

2. I'm going with at least a 27t on the back next year.

3. I'm going to slow my pace a little on the first half next year to try and save some juice for that final climb so I can actually ride across the finish line.

4. If you guys do MoM next year, maybe we can start together and take turns doing pulls. I joined some impromptu pace lines, but there were long stretches where I was pedaling on my own, which really took it out of me later on.

Thanks again to everyone!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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