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Maybe someone can offer a suggestion. I'm trying to mount a set of Profile Carbon Stryke aero bars on my Felt road bike. The Felt handle bar is OS 31.8 mm, and the aero bars are 31.8 with a shim to fit 26.0. Problem is, there's not enough room beside the stem to clamp the aero bars onto the 31.8 diameter, but the rest of the Felt handle bar diameter is smaller than 26.0 (approx. 25.4). I hate to cobble up some type of shim to adapt the 26.0 set up to clamp onto a 25.4 base bar, but haven't found another solution thus far. Suggestions (other than “toss the aero bars” or “change to a 26.0 base bar”)?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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