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Another great year at the Mt Shasta Super Century. I look forward to this ride each year, as it is more or less another Death Ride - only 1 hour from home. This ride was actually written up by as one of the top climbing events.

The ride sends you out along some rolling hill paralleling I-5 for about 15 miles and then the real climbing starts. Parks Creek summit is a constant grind that does not ever let up...and winds it's way along the side of the mountain - providing great views.

Then your down the hill and back in the valley wandering another 15 miles of rollers back toward the Mt Shasta Resort, where the lunch stop was staged. I grabbed some water and headed out knowing the next climb was the toughest. Mumbo Summit starts out gently climbing until you get to the "First Bridge" where you enter a TIGHT canyon and the road is too narrow for logging trucks - they take a bypass.

This section is a nice 5-6% and just climbs along. Then the road/terrain opens as you reach the 2nd bridge and the rest stop (century turn around). From there it's up a nasty 11-12% grade followed by more 7-9% stuff toward the top.

Most people don't know that if you ride a couple hundred yards past the summit, and you get a beautiful view of the Marble Mountains.

Back down the mountain and right at the base, the route takes the century and super century riders up to Castle Lake. This is a beautiful climb, but has some steep stuff at the bottom and close to the middle that will really wipe you out. However, the views are again - well worth it.

After Castle Lake you go back past the Mt Shasta Resort for a real lunch stop, and then it's through the city of Mt Shasta. The last climb takes you up Everitt Memorial Highway for 14 miles and 4400' to the top of the paved road at the old ski bowl (no longer used for skiing due to avalanches). This climb starts at around 8-9% for the first 3 miles and then levels out to a steady 5-7% the rest of the way up. There are 2 rest/water stops on the way and for me, there's always been something almost "spiritual" about this mountain - I always love being up there - hiking/skiing/climbing/biking.

After that it's 14 miles down to the start point...and your done.

Really had a great time (expect for 1 rude jerk that we had "words" - right hand is a bit sore this morning) and can't wait for next year.

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I've got to get off my a$$ and do that ride next year. May do it instead of the Deathride or if I'm feeling perky I'll do both.

Very awesome Norcal!
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