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MTB Hub Cyclocross Wheel Build?

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I have a set of XTR 952 hubs that I am considering using to building up on a set of cross wheels on. The hubs seem like a great option for cross wheels, but I am not sure how the spacing will work out. My bike is a Redline Conquest Pro with 130mm rear spacing.

Anyone have any experience or thoughts on doing this?

(sorry if this questions has been asked before, but I could not find anything in my search)
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While 5 mm isn't a lot, I would not spread an aluminum frame that much to get the rear wheel in (I assume your hub is 135 mm). It can be done safely with steel frames, but Al is not as compliant. You might be able to replace your axle jamb nuts with something thinner or remove some spacers if there are any. The front should be fine, as they are 100 mm.
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