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That is Monterrey - General Teran - Monterrey, in Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

First a short intro: (then the pics!)
Me, big time lurker at this forum, recently bitten again by the tourer bug was doing a search on the forum and found that this one was the only report from a ride or tour in Mexican soil. Coincidentally from MTY too.

So I decided to post this one...a 3 Day Mini Tour I did the last weekend of the Holy Week early this year...a tour from MTY to General Teran, a little town with lots of agriculture and farms lands about 130 Km from MTY Downtown.

After a lot of help from rodar y rodar, I was prepared to do my first tour on a bike.

The plan was going directly to Teran the first day, touring around town the second and coming back on the third. It wasn't exactly like that, but very close ;)

well, here we go:

woke up very early in the morning:

I didn't want to be on the highway with too much traffic

passing the nearest dam to MTY

Pause: The first one shows one side of the mountains where stinkydub was riding in 2007. Since reading MB1 Rowing - Riding Reports I have been thinking about getting a kayak to go there with the wife.

ok, passing the dam I started to see the actual greenery :)

a bat cave

I wasn't on time to see them going out, so I took a break ;)

more green:

this one, one of my favorites:

then some goods you can get on the side of the road ;)

a break:



The "steed":

The Real Steed: :lol:

The old tractor:

and finally....Teran Plaza!

Last crappy Plaza pic due to some distraction:

I took two of the last one...good Tamarindo!...yeap three... I guess you guys understand :lol:

I tried to spend the night at a park where according to the internet you were allowed to camp, but once there, Guardia Civil reccomend me to stay at their house, so that I did.

Last one, with a Sabino, National Tree, One Thousand years old:

* I owe you guys second and third day...tomorrow for sure....the wife needs some attention :p

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Great pics. Beautiful place. A true world away from the United States. Keep them coming.

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as promised...

after spending the night at the Guadia Civil house:

woke up early and took a ride at the Government House:

grabbed some early carbs:

and a then went to the roads near Teran:

as I said, when I get an actual Road Bike, there is where I will try my first century.

found a rose...

some nogales...

lots of them...

some oranges...

at this point the oranges seem to be endless...

and then...yeap...nogales AND oranges :p

this roads... I just loved them:

some bulls on the side of the road :p

a sort of river/pond:

the locals told me that the other dam I wanted to see was like another 100km from Teran, so that day I decided to start my way home and leave less Kms for the last I turned around to Teran...

first stop... :lol:

then lunch!

took some time, but then I started my way to MTY...

saw a little bird...

a big snake!...


*I saw big ones...dead on the road :( ... not into bloody pics.

a break:

a beer and peanuts...(well, two beers :wink5: )


I wanted to reach Rio Ramos before doom (edit: :lol: by doom I meant dusk) and camp there. The first day I saw a lot people swimming, tents and stuff...once I got there, la Policia told me that people just do not camp there... :cryin:

Just before the river there were a few houses, so I turned back...I was getting anxious because I didn't want to be without a campsite in the dark... I asked at the first house with and open yard If I could spend the night there with my tent...they say no! :cryin:
probably my beer breath! :lol:

so I didn't want to keep asking...and found the campsite on my own:

saw this on the road :idea:

went in...saw this bushes:

and... :thumbsup:

including a view to some oranges :lol:

* third and final day in a sec

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ok...the last day was quite normal....

woke up early and packed the gear up:

leave the bushes behind:

passed the river where you can't camp :nono:

actually, there was a tent on the other side! :mad2: , just to the left on this pic:

took a camera break...until I saw the mountains again:

getting closer and closer:

another shape :lol:

a ranchero:

and the last one...just a few kms far from home!...going up in the highway

hope you guys liked was a nice trip being my first one...saw road runners, and even camels! :lol: I almost forgot that one:

I'm thinking about doing another one soon but need to find the time...when I do it I'll be back with some pics :thumbsup:

see ya!
and thanks for the nice comments!

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NIce ride....

what are those things on a stick....jalapenos on a steeek.......good stuff,

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Great report. I studied abroad in Monterrey.

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wow Dave...I've seen great reports here...thanks!

as I said, it was a great first tour in a totally unknown land (I'm not from Mexico... homeland is a little bit south of the continent...Venezuela)...after the Dam everything was new to was a great escape from the "City".

hoping to get a similar experience on the next one...I'm thinking about swapping my converted mtb frame with a 26" wheeled LHT but there is also the road bike project in my head... I just don't know right now :p

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Ahhh yes....Ice Cream

It is ice cream, I wasn't sure about that. What flavor? :p

Nice adventure....

Up here is Mass. not to many good mexican restauraunts. Looks like good food. :)

Thanks for the post...keep em coming

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I missed your report last week. Very cool! The roads look like they were pretty much empty once you were out of town. Was traffic nice to you?

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it was very nice Ridgetop...worst traffic I got was on my way back the third day, when I was on the highway (last pic)...but it was bearable on the shoulder.....when I was out of town It was me and the road for long periods of time :thumbsup:.
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