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Mud tires. Which ones?

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Last yr I ran Fangos as my "mud tires" and Grifo XS's for everything else. I loved the Fangos on "everything else" but not so much in the mud, so I'm getting rid of the XS's and looking for a real mud tire. Rhinos or Racing Ralphs? Or something else? (Tubular.)
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Funny, I used a set of 34 Fangos last year and I had a hell of a time trying to stay upright in the turns with them when the ground got slick. Granted, I think a lot of the problem was that they were the 34s but still. When it was dry I could corner like I was on asphalt.

I was thinking of getting some Tufo Cubus. Sure they're not as nice as something like the Rhino but, I really don't want to have to baby those tires like I keep hearing people have to do with them.
Yea, that's kinda why I don't want to spend the coin on the Rhinos. I'm glad I'm not the only one who wasn't thrilled w/ the Fangos in the mud.
I ran Fango's too and they were basically useless in deep mud. Anything else like hard pack, very light mud and snow they worked great.

I like the looks of the FMB Grippo XLs. Same tread as the Ralphs, but on FMB casings. We only get 2 or 3 muddy days in a season around here, so I'll go with whichever I find cheapest between Cubus, Grippo and Rhino. I might even go with a clincher for my mudder.
Todd_H said:
I might even go with a clincher for my mudder.
I thought of that but I have a nice set of reflexes needing some tires on them. I read that the Cubus wasn't so great in the mud. Any real experiences with them?
Fango's didn't work for me in the mud either. They were quite nice in the dry though. So I'm in the same boat as Kram. Reflex's ready to build, just need a tire option.
I think that the FMB Grippo XL is the tire for this situation. Heck, you will likely find them better than the Fango in the "everything else" category as well.

This year, my wife and I, will have replaced all of our Dugast tires (including two sets of Rhinos) with FMB tires. They simply hold up better than a Dugast casing, while being just as supple.

The Grippo XL (Ralph tread on the FMB casing) is just amazing. It isn't quite as good as a Rhino is really deep mud, but it is VERY close. It's also a better tire in any other kind of mud.
Anyone tried the Vittoria XM? I really like their XN on hardpack. I know this thread is tubular oriented, but Michelin Muds always get good praise.
I've read that about FMB's vs Dugast.
am i weird for sticking with speedmaxes all season long regardless of the conditions?:confused:
I know a guy that used speedmaxes for pretty much the whole season. I think that same guy is scared of tubs. I'd like to try FMB but, unless they changed things, they don't ship over the pond. Which is a shame because I've only heard glowing reviews about their tires. There's another brand (forget the name so I can't search it) that some of the local guys felt worked alight. The only design I saw from them was the classic chevron tread. I'd like something a bit more aggressive, esp along the sidewall.

edit: found it... Gommitalia
guess I'm one of those guys who wants he finds a tire he likes he just sticks with it. it's the same on my full suspension. I don't change them out to meet the terrain.
You can buy FMB here;
They don't currently have the Gripo XL's listed, tho. Only on the FMB France site.
@c-lo; use whatever you're comfortable with. I have 2 sets of wheels so I may as well use them in the most practical way, no?
I have another set now too so i'll probably do something similar when the season starts. running slicks on my spare set now. Not that I've been using them:p
Molly Cameron imports the other FMB tires. That's where I got my Grippo XL's as well as some regular old Griffo treads glued onto an FMB casing.... simply amazing!

WCC is a great source for the normal FMB tires though. They are also excellent, but I find the tall tread blocks squirm around a bit on hard packed courses.
I'm THINKING these will be quite $$. Make any sense just to save a few $$ and just go with the Racing Ralphs?
I've had the normal rr tubular and it isn't in the same league as the FMB version. Plus, they regular RRs are pretty much just as expensive (and I think even harder to get!).

The FMB Grippo XL is like $125 a tire. You can get two seasons out of the tires easily if you take care of them. I've got a set of FMB SSC's that will be going on their third season this fall and still look great. The sidewall treatment and casing quality of the FMB is night and day better than a Dugast.

I think they are worth the money when you take everything into account.
You gotta wait for the new Clement PDX Cross tire, it is gonna be far superior to any other mud clincher out there and will rival the Rhino in its tubular model
At that price I'd buy it. That's about what the regular RR are. I'm curious about this Clement PDX tire.....
They look like they are only clinchers.
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