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My wife just called me to tell me that my stuff from 11speed arrived. I bought the following items
Chorus Front D
Chorus Rear D
2 Veloce 10 speed cassettes
Chorus Ergo
2 tubes
bar tape
Chorus Crank
all for $640 shipped. Fees to UPS where an additional $72. Bringing the total to $712 Still cheaper then anything I could find here in the US. Closest I came was texascyclesport $750, but that only gave me 1 cassette, granted of Chorus level, but the veloce is not that much of a step down.
It all arrived in just 3 working days. While the parts I ordered from Excel on the same Day have still not arrived. Not that I am complaining about that. I just find it funny that something can arrive from Italy in 3 days, while Colorado takes a week.

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My parcel arrived this evening.
Ordered the following
Selle Italia SLC Gel Flow
2x Michelin Pro2 Race
Look Keo Classic Pedals
2 tubes

All for 190 Euros Shipped, cheaper than anything I could find here! Took 4 days for shipping from italy to Singapore.

Fantastic experience, would buy from 'em again.

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