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Hey guys,

I figured I'd post pics of my bike since i haven't done so except as part of a ride report. I always enjoy seeing other people's bike pics posted.

This is my 54 cm Klein Quantum Race which I bought to replace my stolen Quantum II.

It's got Ultegra 9 speed, Easton Tempest II wheels, Thomson post and stem, Flite saddle, Bontrager flat top bars (for a smoother transition from bar to hoods), FSA Gossamer compact cranks (bought 'em cheap to see if I'd even like going compact... I did like it.) Maybe weighs 17-18 lbs. Cranks and fork are kinda heavy. Super sweet climbing ride nonetheless.

The pics don't do the paint justice. It's a really elegant blue to dark blue linear fade ala Chehalis-built and painted Klein. It's still a Gradient-tubed Klein (not ZR9000). The bike is also dirty from riding.

I've been thinking of replacing the stock fork with a straight-blade, all-carbon Easton, Ritchey or Look, but I'm worried that the crown to axle length of the new forks will lower my front end ever so slightly. Anybody have any experience with this? The Look fork on my previous klein changed the handling (improved it IMO) because the A-C length was slightly longer.

Anyway, enjoy the pics, make fun of the spacer stack height, and all that...
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