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$4000 bike - two bit legs
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My Mom just got back from a ten day ski trip to Norway. My Mom is 71 years young and a snowbunny. Even at her age, she takes an annual ski trip to Europe. I hope I'm that young when I'm that old.

I was celebrating my birthday while she was away, so in advance, she asked me what I wanted. I suggested that if she comes across a bike shop in Norway, to get me a local jersey. She delivered. Somehow, my Mom got in touch with the president of the Lillehammer (spelling?) bike club/team who had a couple of 2003 team jerseys left over. She bought two of them. One size 6 jersey (cool, my size) and one size 5 skinsuit. Even my Mom said they were "cool" looking. As soon as I get my hands on them, I'll post a picture.

I'm psyched. I love to buy unusual jerseys from places I have visited - like limited edition local teams. I have jerseys from Paris, Napa valley, Colorado, one coming from a cousin living in Germany, my new Lilllehammer...etc. I'm leaving for Maui this weekend, maybe I can score one there too.
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