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And it's my fault!

I had my eye on a trek '09 2.1. It was perfect. Or so close to it, it evoked emotions in me which led me to call it perfect.

But, the budget being tight, along with other factors (tight budget being first and foremost), I hemmed and hawed, and find "my" bike has been sold!

Everything was perfect: the bike, the shop, the flexibility of swapping out parts at whim.

I just didn't want to take the risk of dropping over $1100 on my budget.

If I had to do it all over again, I would have bought it.

But then again, I say that with a lot of things and buy stuff I don't use very much.

I'll mourn, but hopefully not for long. :)

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Bleh... that pricepoint is about to see a major improvement. Shimano 105 5700 was just released--it weighs less and costs less. Has the improvements that DA & Ultegra already got over the past couple years.

SRAM Apex will be coming out in the next few weeks--even cheaper than 105, and maybe a bit lighter.

Either way, a bike with one of those two kits is going to be lighter and look like a more expensive bike. Personally, I'd hold off...
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