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U..G..L..Y.. Bottechia ain't got no alibi.
You ugly! Hey! Hey! You ugly!

U..G..L..Y.. you could make an onion cry
U..G..L..Y.. like an alien chased by the F.B.I

U..G..L..Y.. You ain't got no alibi.

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leviathans_child said:
thats a 10000 bone bike you're looking at
10,000 "bone" and you get a Selle Italia C2 and Keo Classics? Why not sell it without pedals and saddle?

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Further, other posters have provided some great alternatives at less than 10G. My own 2 cents would be Look 585, 586 or 595.

That being said if you want to spend that kind of $. Parlee or Crumpton make very high end custom bikes in that price range with Record- no more concerns over 4 sizes - I'd hate to compromise on that expensive a purchase.

BTW I think Bottechia is now made in Asia. NTTIAWWT
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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