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binabik said:
damn, that was fun. :)

picked the bike up from the shop, rode to the nearest park to try out getting in and out of the clipless pedals. got the hang of that w/out falling over and started cycling home and couldn't believe i was hitting 35km/h on the flat. :) that's fun :D

got home and changed into the proper kit, and went out for a quick trip. did 29kms in about 55mins. that's only about 20 mins longer than that round takes me by car. i like this new toy. :)

weather permitting, i'm going out again on wednesday and/or friday. :)

i'm now officially hooked.


Just gets even better. Personally, I love the steep climbs...hurts like hell, and cramping, etc.....but coming down the other side........PURE JOY.
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