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Your weight doesn't change your skeletal structure. Your "sitbones" are pretty much set in cement.

Not wanting to sound like a shill for Trek/Bontrager, but they have a little bench that measures your sit points and then directs you to the right width saddle. Three widths, 128, 146, and 154 in the Inform R, RL, and RXL. About 75% of men will come in at 146. I have a very skinny friend who measured at 128 and the Inform R is the first saddle in years that didn't kill him.

Despite the fact that the entire industry raved about the Fizik Arione, it was the first saddle in 40 years of riding that I just couldn't stand. I've ridden Rolls, Regals, Turbos, Concors, and my favorite, the Flite TI. Still have the Selle Italias on three bikes and a Brooks B17 on the commuter but I must say, the 146 Inform RXL is fast becoming my favorite saddle.

But saddles are so "personal." What works for me and lord knows what percentage of the population may not work for you.
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