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Just got my first cross bike in the mail (stationed in europe and euro cross bikes are all too small). yellow jersey in madison built me an 05 conquest pro with carbon fork, 105, truvativ elita 48/38, and ritchey cockpit. I added WCS post, SLR saddle, and ritchey extreme conditions brake pads. the brakes are those cheap shimanos that look like old school XTs, and they work extremely well, no squeal, no chatter, lock both wheels if I really want to.

First ride was on trails where I normally take a mountain bike. It was awesome. I'm hooked.

I'm also building up a Flyte XLS-3 (great experience with airborne) using mostly parts from my roadie. Ritchy/easton cockpit, Truvative Roleur cranks w/ raceface 46/36 110 bcd rings, and shimano wh-r540 wheels. (I know, heavy, but I've ridden crappy roads for years and they've never been out of true) I'm just waiting on a winwood dualist fork and another brake to start building it.

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