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eminence grease
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  1. Blow out of this pop shop in 15 minutes.
  2. Death race commute to my apartment
  3. Change clothes
  4. Walk down to Anshan Mall and put 150 kuai on my cell phone
  5. Maybe get a coffee
  6. Go home and boil some dumplings (you decide if this is code)
  7. Go out and try to find a Picture of the Day
  8. Render the crap out of said photo and post it
  9. Visit my 206 friends on Facebook (was 207 but I dropped Faustina)
  10. Send a nighty-night epistle to My Lovely Wife
  11. Close up shop and go to bed, read until I fall asleep.

I want a Road Bike :)
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sounds good....

every time you upload a pic I try to figure out why the F# and shutter speed...

my dSLR pics are as crappy as my P&S pics...
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